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Sergey Chemezov
The CEO of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies" Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Cycling Federation

Every year, cycling in our country is becoming more and more popular, and the number of cycling fans is growing steadily. A great contribution to the revival and development of cycling in Russia is made by the Russian Cycling Federation, the Russian Global Cycling Project and the best Russian cycling team Katusha who delivers better and better results on the international arena. In the recent five years we have seen Katusha’s turning into one of the strongest professional teams in the world who wins the most prestigious competition, takes top positions in the world rankings, hits the headlines of sports news.

Last season, a milestone season for Katusha, was not an exception. The team has grown up, matured and learned not only how to win but how to make its victories bright and beautiful. 

Next year, Katusha opens up another season. We can say with confidence this upcoming season will add a new victorious chapter to the team’s history. The team has deserved a great reputation and respect in the professional cycling. Now comes the time to cherish and develop young talents and strengthen Russia’s status as one of the leading cycling nations of the world.

Alexey Miller
Chairman of the Board of JSC "Gazprom"

Dear friends! I congratulate you on the first five-year milestone of Katusha Team!

The fifth season has shown the whole world that today Katusha is a powerful, self-confident team of fellow-thinkers and professionals capable of achieving serious results at the highest level.

Another success in the WorldTour, a record-breaking number of 30 victories, including the bronze podium at the legendary Tour de France race, are not simply the proof of the team’s viability. This is the strength reserve that allows being sure in the team’s further progress.

In the season of 2014 the team will compete in the most prestigious cycling races around the world, and we will hear new names of young stars! All of that is possible for the main Russian cycling team.

Gazprom is always with you! Together we can win!

Igor Makarov
President of the Russian Cycling Federation Head of the All-Russian Global Cycling Project Member of the Steering Committee of the International Cycling Union Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Itera"

For Russia’s main cycling team Katusha, the recently ended fifth season in professional cycling has became a season of testing, overcoming difficulties and achieving important goals. This is what the milestone fifth year should really have been: a true test of our strength. And I am sure that Katusha Team has successfully passed that test.

Our record-breaking number of victories and podium places, our position among the three best professional cycling teams worldwide, our another victory in the individual global ranking are clear indicators that we raced and concluded the 2013 season as a team with the Russian spirit for which being at the top of the professional cycling is now a fait accompli.

Today, Katusha Team is a key part of the world peloton, an integral and important part. We have transitioned from the original phase of “initiatives and hopes” to the phase of “achieving and strengthening our goals”. This has been the main result of 2014 for Katusha Team.

We are entering the new 2014 season with full confidence in the future success of the team and the Russian Global Cycling Project, with full faith in our own power and capabilities, with a solid knowledge of what we want and what we are striving for.

I hope that in the upcoming 2014 season, Katusha Team will be even more successful and shine even more brightly because the development and progress of the team does not stop, even for a moment. As we absorb the experience of the world of cycling, Katusha turns it into victories of our riders, strength of our project, pride of our entire nation: Russia. All of that has become possible because we are united. The Russian cycling is us!